New design standards in al  platforms.

Agria Djurförsäkring (animal insurance) provides Sweden’s animals, their owners and Sweden’s crop growers with flexible insurance solutions. Agria is a wholly owned subsidiary of Länsförsäkringar and is the Länsförsäkringar Alliance’s company specialising in animal and crop insurance. Agria also operates in Norway, Denmark, Finland, France and the UK. BJÖRG was responsible to create Agria's new design standard, designsystem and components in line with the main owner Länsförsäkringar's graphic profile. Inject the more humanitarian values that Agria has compared to LF's rather rough design language. Implement the strong visual identity on the entire existing digital platform. Websites, mobile apps, social media and banners etc.  Re-evaluate and redefine existing UX solutions and develop new flows for new needs. BJÖRG also applied conversion optimized solutions within purchase flows. User-friendly solutions for web and mobile applications.
Client: Agria Animal Insurance
Date: 2019
Category: Web design, App design, UX design, UI design, Art Direction, Identity, Branding, Concept, Design System

Tags: Web, App, iOS, Android, Graphic, UX,  UI, Library, Design System, Material design, Design, Research, Analysis, Concept, Wireframes,  Prototyping,  Testing,  Accessibility, Art Direction, User tests, Interviews, Workshop, Identity, Branding, Banner, SEO

Research & Interviews
We conducted tests with users to:
1. See how the brand Agria is perceived today.
2. Zero measurement of current design.
3. How the test persons experience the new design and usability.
The test were introduced with asking questions about how the users spontaneously perceives Agria today.
After the test subjects took part of the new design sketches and we performed another test with the same questions. The experience had gone from "insurance and animals" to a sense of”closeness”.
Generally, the design was considered simple to use, clear and gave a sense of closeness through the imagery and the light colors. The purpose of the design has been to have a clear relationship with Länsförsäkringar while Agria will be a clear sender in al their markets.
Final Design

The Style guide
Art Direction
Sunrise and dawn ”magic hour”. Outdoors; fresh, free and strong. Indoors; cozy and warm. Calm environments. 
Photo mood 
Romantic and misty.  Full, saturated colors. Inviting, strong connection with viewer.  No one is moving away from the viewer. Not simple snapshot realism. Catch the relationship human-animal. 
- Human-animal interaction 
- Sweet animal 
- A bit quirky, fun and unexpected 
- Stay close to brown and blue colors 
Depth of field 
To be able to print text on image we need blurry, dark or light backgrounds that gives good contrast to the text. Gives focus to area of interest. Flat, colored surfaces will work too but stay close to Agria brand colors if possible.

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