“When I get a strong feeling. I let it run through me and the pencil until the feeling left me with inner peace which trapped in the inked paper”

As an escape from digital everyday life, Björg use her spare time for music and art. A place for reflection, meditation and harmony. Where emotions and thoughts are allowed to "rush" freely. The art is pages from the diary that capture emotions and thoughts through life. The challenge of using only one color has been an inspiration. The technique is called line art. 
Björg has among other things made illustrations and patterns inspired by Swedish traditions, these are exhibited and can be purchased at a museum in Hälsingland, Sweden. Björg has won awards, been included in both the book Swedish Illustrators, the Book Norwegian Illustrators and magazines such as Cap & Design. Björg has had exhibitions in America, Europe and Australia.
What: Illustration & Art
Where: Global, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Brazil
Year: 2016 - Ongoing
Category: Illustration, Exhibition, Art, Street Art
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