“When I get a strong feeling. I let it run through me and the pencil until the feeling left me with inner peace which trapped in the inked paper”

As an escape from digital everyday life, Björg use her spare time for music and art. A place for reflection, meditation and harmony. Where emotions and thoughts are allowed to "rush" freely. The art is pages from the diary that capture emotions and thoughts through life. The challenge of using only one color has been an inspiration. The technique is called line art. 
Björg has among other things made illustrations and patterns inspired by Swedish traditions, these are exhibited and can be purchased at a museum in Hälsingland, Sweden. Björg has won awards, been included in both the book Swedish Illustrators, the Book Norwegian Illustrators and magazines such as Cap & Design. Björg has had exhibitions in America, Europe and Australia.
What: Illustration & Art
Where: Global, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Brazil
Year: 2016 - Ongoing
Category: Illustration, Exhibition, Art, Street Art

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"I'm Bjørg Helene Eggen. Also know as the designer. Born in the mountains of Norway. Raised by the vikings in Sweden. It was there in the north light I found my treasure, "The Dimond Pen". It gave me the skill to draw and design really cool and amazing stuff. Now I'm freelancing the world to share my talent."
Founder, Art Direction, UX / UI design
Visual Weight
The ability of a region or element in a composition to draw attention, often through contrast or colour
Art direction, UI design, Graphic Design
Delsbo. Pattern design
Björg has a playful and vibrant style with a modern Swedish vibe. She creates colorful, playful patterns, with inspiration from cultural traditions Delsbo, Sweden
Pattern Design
“Everyone should have the opportunity to a professionally responsive website”. Björg was responsible for lead the projects, educate the companies and deliver beautiful functional web design with focus on the customer experience.
Art Director, Lead UX/UI designer, Project Manager
Represented at Illustratörscentrum
The Center of Illustration and Graphic Design is the largest provider of visual communication in Sweden. They are proud to represent the majority of Sweden´s illustrators, graphic designers, comic artists, and animators.
Checklist for supervisors and tips for successful guidance. Interview with the intern Clarissa.
Intern, Leadership
Bjordalstunet Branding & Logotype
Self-produced wheat and a deer farm were the inspiration for the design language in the brandbook and logotype. Highlighting the Norwegian culture, and at the same time with an appealing and modern design language.
Art Direction, Logodesign and packaging
Oline Vinyl, Album & Booklet
Art Direction
Graphic Design
UX People Concept & Branding
Founder, Community Manager
Branding, Art Direction
WORD! Web & Advertising Agency
Due to my trainee program 2001-2003, I work with what I do today. I am grateful for the opportunity and training during my career. I think it is important to give young people the opportunity to try real work situations and show what they can do. That's why I love being a mentor for both senior designer and trainees.
Trainee, UX design, Web design and Art Direction
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