Revitalizing ATG's Creative Culture

Product Design Manager, ATG

Design-Driven Transformation: Revitalizing ATG's Creative Culture

As ATG's Product Design Manager, Björg led the charge in transforming the organization's design landscape within the dynamic intersection of equestrian sports and gaming, facing unique challenges of complexity and low design maturity. Witness Björg's pivotal role in steering the team towards design excellence, fostering collaboration, and establishing a self-sufficient and thriving design environment in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Upon joining ATG as a Design Manager, Björg faced significant challenges within the design team, which had long operated without a designated leader in the role. The absence of collaboration and a shared vision among designers, who were embedded in separate product teams, posed a notable obstacle. The lack of cohesive teamwork hindered the collective efficiency and synergy needed for impactful design outcomes.

Björg undertook a transformative approach, embracing the principles of DesignOps. Her leadership was characterized by assembling and unifying the design team, fostering a culture of collaboration, and providing extensive coaching. Recognizing the need for a shared vision, she organized training sessions, workshops, and team-building activities to instill a sense of unity and purpose. Björg's coaching-centric strategy aimed at empowering individual designers and cultivating a self-sufficient, collaborative environment.
As a crucial member of the IT steering committee, Björg also played a pivotal role in collaborating to set visions and goals, significantly facilitating the design team's efforts.

Björg's tenure as Design Manager at ATG resulted in the successful establishment and development of the design department. She played a pivotal role in assembling and unifying the team, fostering a collaborative culture, and providing extensive coaching. Her efforts were instrumental in addressing the long-standing challenge of minimal collaboration and establishing a structured, self-reliant design environment.
Björg's strategic vision went beyond her immediate role. She focused on building a strong foundation for the design department, including training programs and initiatives. The overarching purpose was to create a framework that would enable the team to operate autonomously and efficiently.
Given her role as a consultant, Björg laid the groundwork for the recruitment of a dedicated Product Design Manager to further build upon the established foundation. By strategically planning and executing this transition, she ensured a seamless handover and continuity in the positive trajectory of the design department.
In summary, the results of Björg's efforts were not only visible in the immediate improvements within the design team but also in the strategic foresight to prepare the department for continued success under the guidance of a dedicated manager.
Client: ATG
Title: Product Design Manager
When: 2022
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Design Operations

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