Betting Product Design

UX Designer & Visual Designer at Betsson

Unleash the Fun: Gaming Experiences That Keep You on the Edge

Björg, undertook the monumental task of completely re-designing a complex gaming product from scratch. As a UX designer and Visual designer, she delved deep into research, concept development, and visual design to overhaul the user experience from its foundation.

The project presented numerous challenges, including the complexity of the gaming product, the need to cater to diverse player preferences, and the requirement for international market research. Additionally, ensuring consistency and coherence across the design posed a significant challenge.

Björg's approach was comprehensive and methodical. She began by conducting in-depth research into the gaming industry, analyzing player behaviors and preferences. This research formed the basis for developing detailed gamer personas, providing insights into the target audience's needs and expectations.
With a clear understanding of the players, Björg proceeded to create a comprehensive style guide and design system. These guidelines ensured consistency in visual elements and established a cohesive user experience throughout the product.
Björg's design process was characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a mathematical approach to structure and functionality. Every aspect of the design, from interaction patterns to interface elements, was carefully crafted to optimize usability and enhance the overall user experience.

Björg's efforts culminated in the successful delivery of a redesigned gaming product that surpassed expectations. The business team highly appreciated her work, recognizing the significant improvements in user experience and functionality. Björg's attention to detail, combined with her positive attitude and collaborative nature, made her an invaluable asset to the project team. Overall, her dedication and expertise ensured the successful outcome of the project.

Client: Betsson Group
Title: UX Designer & Visual Designer
When: 2016
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Gaming Product

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