“Social sciences, collaboration, communication and human behaviour".

BJÖRG has successfully completed the SVEXFAC03 course, gaining an introduction to the social sciences that encompasses their history, fundamental modes of thinking, key theoretical concerns, and typical research approaches. This course also explores normative and ethical considerations associated with research and social life. Addressing basic assumptions and shared issues across various social science disciplines, SVEXFAC03 facilitates an orientation that spans these diverse fields.
By completing SVEXFAC03, BJÖRG has developed a broader perspective on academic studies, enhancing her understanding of the uniqueness of her own subject area and others. This course has also fostered the ability to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, contributing to a well-rounded and comprehensive skill set in the social sciences.

School: Oslo University, Brazil
Category: Social science, Collaboration, Communication, Research
Degree Year:  2000-2001
Oslo University

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