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Björg undertook the creative challange of designing the visual elements for Norwegian folk musician Oline's latest vinyl, CD, and booklet release titled "Sjel," translating to "Soul" in Norwegian. The album is a profound exploration, with the violin's emotive tones taking center stage, featuring Oline's self-composed songs. The design of the album cover portrays Oline alone in a painted portrait, enveloped by the music's essence in a dark and evocative setting. The color palette holds great significance, with blue symbolizing the soul and yellow representing creativity.

Translating the depth and intimacy of Oline's music into a visual representation presented an artistic challenge. Capturing the essence of the soul and creativity through color and imagery required a thoughtful and creative approach.

With a history of collaboration, Björg brought a deep understanding of Oline's musical identity to the project. Having previously designed various album covers, posters, websites, and even Oline's logo and visual identity, the approach was rooted in a close artistic partnership.

The outcome was a visualisation of the "Soul" that beautifully complemented Oline's music. The painted portrait and the carefully chosen colors of blue and yellow harmonized seamlessly with the music, enhancing the emotional impact of the album. Björg's artistic direction and graphic design played a pivotal role in enhancing the visual experience of Oline's music, contributing to yet another successful chapter in their artistic journey.

Client: Oline Production
Industry: Music
Title: Art Director
When: 2020
Where: Norway
What: Vinyl, Branding, Album, CD, Booklet, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photo

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