Improve the National Board's digital presence and web channels in collaboration with the service projects that were already underway. Comprehensive grasp off strategic content perspective, graphical expression, feeds and technological choices.

The National Borad of Heart and Welfare work to ensure good health, social welfare and high-quality health and social care on equal terms for the whole Swedish population.
The National Board of Health and Welfare is a government agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, with a very wide range of activities and many different duties within the fields of social services, health and medical services, patient safety and epidemiology.
Client: Sweden´s National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen)
Roll: Lead UX/UI designer
Year: 2018 - 2019
Category: and 20 other external web sites
What did Björg do in this project?
• Power mapping
• Concept
• Content strategy
• Content structure
• Design system
• Analysis
• Visual identity for online based on existing print media expressions.
• UX design
• UI design 
• Accessibility
• Search functionality
Outdated technology and the need for an effective online presence
Improve the National Board of Health and Welfare's digital channels in collaboration with the e-service projects that are already underway. Both in terms of digital presence, content strategy, user experience, graphical and technical choises.
• New graphical expression (UI library, Material design, WCAG 2.1 AA)
• User-focused feeds
• New and modern technology
• Prepare the authority's new web landscape
• Develop the primary website
• Strategies for other websites within the authority
• User-focused online presence
• Structured content based on the targeted groups
• Effective search functionality
• Responsive websites
• Customer experience
• Incorporate existing e-services into a branded entity
• Modern and customized design
• Secure and developable platform
• Administration and publishing have been eased
• Principles of structure and publication exist
• Uniformity within application procedures and reports
• Special news service for the press
"One of the challenges was to get 21,000 indexed pages and 21 websites to become one. The National Board of Health and Welfare offers large amounts of documents, reports and other information
Cross-sectoral collaboration between departments, units and functions; communication department and IT unit in order to create a new web landscape with new technology and ways of working.
Solutions that were applied
• CMS selection
• Website
• New design for Episerver platform
• Include all e-services in new platform
• Article catalog for about 4,500 publications
• Structured contents
• New graphical expression
• Effective feeds
• Decisive technical choices

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