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Visual Designer, UX people

A joyful and inclusive brand uniting designers through humor, camaraderie, and a shared love for UX

Björg is the visionary behind the creation and branding of UX People. The concept aimed to establish a welcoming space and laid-back environment for the exchange of UX skills, irrespective of one's experience level or workplace. At the core of this initiative was the belief that sharing is caring.

The challenge was to develop a brand that not only embodied a vibrant color palette but also incorporated humorous elements of nerdy UX jokes. The goal was to cultivate a brand that brought joy, fostered a sense of belonging, and shared laughs—a laughter that resonated uniquely with designers.

To infuse the brand with a cheerful atmosphere, a lively color palette was chosen. Humorous elements, including playful nods to nerdy UX jokes, were incorporated into the visual identity. The approach centered on creating an environment where the shared passion for UX was not only celebrated but also embraced with a light-hearted and jovial spirit.

The result was a brand that radiated joy, inclusivity, and a shared sense of humor within the design community. UX People became a place where laughter and learning coexisted, creating a unique bond among designers who understood the nuances of the craft. The visual identity, crafted by Björg, not only represented a platform for UX skills but also stood as a testament to the camaraderie shared by the creative minds in the field.

Title: Visual Designer & Founder
When: 2013
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Branding

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