“As an trainee Björg worked in real-world business situations and learned about the inner workings of the agency”.

Björg supported the members of the department in the daily execution of different tasks. Björg learned about the career in advertising, marketing and web design while working on a number of clients' and teams' projects. Björg was working with the department along with a personalized mentor. 
Björg gained experience working with the team and got the understanding of the basics of web design. Björg also got the ability to translate and communicate artifacts such as requirements, personas, scenarios, interaction flows, wireframes, screen mockups, demos, functional specifications, and content matrices.
Björg learned the process of planning Web structure and content, and organizational approaches based on user needs and marketing goals. Björg learned how to define research requirements for effective user research and testing. Obtain a general understanding of participatory design and rapid iterative prototyping. Gained knowledge of usability principles, how to better communicate complex ideas.
Due to my trainee program 2001-2003, I work with what I do today. I am grateful for the opportunity and training during my career. I think it is important to give young people the opportunity to try real work situations and show what they can do. That's why I love being a mentor for both senior designer and trainees.
Client: Examples of tasks were marketing competition/campaign for TINE.
Where: Norway
Year: 2001 - 2003
Category: Trainee, Web design, UX design, Advertising, Print
Advertising, Web design, Admin, Graphic design, Studio, Strategy, Customer Experience, Marketing, Requirements, Personas, Scenarios, Interaction flows, Wireframes, Screen mockups, Demos, Functional Specifications, Content matrices
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