Illozoo is an illustration agency that provides illustrations to the whole world. They have worked with major clients such as Bloomingdales, Tupperware, Yahoo, Saatchi & Saatchi, Nike and more. Now (year 2014) they are opening a Swedish part of the agency, with Björg Helene Eggen as illustrator and representative.

Björg runs Designadet, where she focuses on art and illustrations, and Logomaniac, where she works with graphic design and branding. As a representative of Illozoo, she will sell her own and others' illustrations to companies and customers in the Nordics, USA and Canada.
I have my own company and have always been the one who calls and sells my own works, now I also get to call and sell others, which actually feels a little easier, says Björg.
For her, it started with her applying to the agency because she wanted to be represented as an illustrator, but after talking to them, she was offered to be a Nordic representative as well.
- The founder thought I was driven and on, and asked if there was anything I could think of, and that was it.
According to Björg, Illozoo attaches great importance to individual artist styles. The agency's illustrators must complement each other - not compete, which means that they are always looking for new unique talent to broaden their range.
There are many positive aspects of being part of an agency, including getting help to reach more and larger customers. As an individual illustrator, it can also be nice to get help with selling your own illustrations, and just having more work colleagues than before can be an advantage.
- It's nice to have work colleagues, before I worked much by myself. As the agency is international, there will be a lot of meetings by phone and via Skype, but now I have colleagues all over the world. You get insight into someone else's world and can take part in what they work with, you get to share experiences and have more people to play ball with, which is great fun.
Text: Camilla Buch, CAP & Design
Where: Nordics, USA and Canada
Year: 2014
Category: Illustration, Agency
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