The logo is inspired by the deer farm and their own cultivated wheat Bjordalstunet has a comprehensive offer for both tourism and companies where they offer culture, holidays, hunting, fishing, wedding accommodation, courses and conferences. They are also part of Visit Norway. Bjordalstunet is an old Norwegian traditional family farm that has been in the Bjordal family for over 500 years. The farm has, among other things, a deer farm and grows wheat. The farm bakery's products are produced from their organically grown wheat. Over the years, Björg has worked closely with Bjordalstunet and done their marketing, campaigns, web design, printed material and a graphic profile and logo. The purpose has been to market Bjordalstunet and engage the target group through continuous campaigns and an increased digital presence. It has also been important to give them a modern and appealing yet personal expression in everything from the restaurant's menus, brochures, digital ads to the staff's clothing.
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