In her role as leader and customer manager, Björg spearheaded a team of experts, providing FOI with expert advice and innovative solutions, ensuring both internal and external web platforms adhere to universal design principles.

Björg's Leadership in Enhancing Web Accessibility at FOI
FOI, the Swedish Defense Research Agency, tasked Björg with providing ongoing expert advice on web accessibility for both external and internal websites. As a government authority under the Ministry of Defense, FOI sought compliance with applicable laws and guidelines, focusing on universal design principles.
Challenges: Navigating Accessibility Complexities for Comprehensive Compliance
Björg, serving as the leader of a team of accessibility experts and UX designers, faced the challenge of ensuring FOI's adherence to accessibility laws and guidelines. The classified nature of the material required internal recruitment for test persons, adding complexity to the accessibility reviews, analyses, and strategy development. The goal was to identify and implement suitable solutions, including code examples or alternative designs, through collaboration with FOI, content managers, and developers.
Approach: Holistic Strategies and Customer-Centric Engagement
Björg orchestrated a multifaceted approach, conducting interviews, observations, and tests with the target group. She analyzed existing sketches, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of FOI's web accessibility landscape. The work involved close collaboration with FOI, content managers, and developers, where Björg's role as both customer manager and resource manager was pivotal. Her meticulous team management ensured the right skills for each task, with Björg actively contributing as a team member.
Results: Empowering FOI with Effective Solutions and Continuous Improvement
The outcome of Björg's leadership and expertise manifested in tangible results. The proposed solutions, whether in the form of code examples or design alternatives, aimed at enhancing FOI's web accessibility. Through close customer contact, Björg not only ensured customer satisfaction but also identified new collaboration opportunities, adding significant value for FOI and its diverse target groups. The success of this initiative showcases Björg's commitment to excellence in web accessibility, contributing to FOI's mission as a leading research institute in defense and security.
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