"It is important that the clothes tells a story".

Bjørg Helene Eggen is a graphic designer and illustrator who has Swedish traditions and patterns as sources of inspiration. A personal touch of Delsborosen and Delsbosömmen is included in her creations.
She has used Delsborosen and Delsbosömmen in several colors and vintages. The patterns will be used for fabrics, children's clothing, postcards, watches and wallpaper, among other things.
- I think it is important to take advantage of traditions and bring out the culture. We have such beautiful nature and music here in Hälsingland.
- I see so many Dala horses in Hälsingland's window. I think you should have the nice Hälsinge buck instead.
On her website, you can color the Hälsinge buck and dolls in Delsbo-inspired patterns.
- I am very much for children to be creative themselves and get busy.
She started her own company 1.5 years ago. She makes websites and applications for mobiles. But it goes more and more in the design direction.
- It's the most fun when I do design. Right now I am doing the Delsbostämman's website. I have been given free rein and use my own patterns.
She spent her childhood years in Delsbo. Since then, she has lived in several parts of the world, including Brazil and Norway.
- I take the world and myself into the work.
Her fascination with Delsbosömmen can be explained by her background and upbringing.
- It feels fun for me to work with something that means something to me. Since I have lived in several places and Delsbo is the place I have spent the most time in, it feels like home to me.
Bjørg Helene Eggen is flooded with ideas. She has a draft of an ABC book and a storybook on her huge bulletin board, which also contains a lot of prototypes and sketches.
She also has future plans for a party bag with a floral pattern from the Delsbo wedding dress and a prototype of the pattern can be found on the bulletin board.
- I work very fast, I get a lot of ideas, so I have to throw away some.
Bjørg Helene Eggen thinks it is important that a story is told on the clothes. Parts of the clothes may come from recycled fabric.
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