The trick is to make the meeting not feel like a meeting. 

So many online and teams meetings! My best tips is to let the attendees know if this is "walk and talk meeting" or a workshop / presentation that needs your attention. I simply ad a emoji in the meeting invitation. 🚶‍♀️ It's important to know what kind of meeting it is. Better to doodle or walk instead of answering emails during the meeting, it keeps you head focused and a break from the screen.
Doodles makes you concentrate better. In school they told me to stop doodling during the class. I will say the opposite.  If doodeling makes you listen better and concentrate and be more creative do that. The doodles don't have to be pretty :) 
Walk and talks. Gives the best conversations and problem solving, activating the brain and the body at the same time. 
I usually have walk ant talks when I have One to One meetings, Coaching and mentoring, Idea generating, have a problem that needs to be solved, planing or need to think new and fresh and get new perspective.
The trick is to make the meeting not feel like a meeting. The best ideas come when you are relaxed. Find your happy place!
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