“Ensuring a good experience and accessibility for the visitors of the museum exhibition, Nature in Sweden”

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a government agency that reports to the Ministry of Culture. The Natural History Museum is a biological and geological museum in Stockholm that was established in 1819. The museum is a world-class research institution and results from nearly 300 years of research trips and collection. They research the species' relationship and evolution, the evolution of the globe, environmental toxins, and how humans affect nature.
The booths have a touch screen that should work for all visitors regardless of age or disability. All visitors should be able to use the displays to get information and understand how to navigate. This places high demands on how the stand is designed from an accessibility perspective.
• Adjustments and changes based on the results of the user tests and the review.
• Adjustments were made on code, colors, backgrounds, and fonts.
• Contrasts and design, legibility and line spacing, clickable surfaces, and buttons.
• Graphic adjustments were designed to achieve the WCAG 2.1 AA web directive.
• The review and design adaptations complemented the existing graphic profile.
• The sketches and changes were developed by the SiteVision team in close dialogue with the customer.
• Quality assurance. Made test after changes.

Client: Naturhistoriska, The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Title: UX Designer, Accessibility Expert
When: 2019
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Accessibility, Inclusive design
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