A Musical Journey

BJÖRG was commissioned to create the design of the Norwegian folk musician Oline's new Vinyl, CD and booklet. The album was named Sjel which means Soul in Norwegian. This is a strong and vulnerable experience where the violin's tones are at the center. The music consists only of Oline's self-composed songs. The album shows a painted portrait of Oline alone with the tones of the music in the dark. The colors have a great significance where blue is the color of the soul and yellow represents the color creativity.
Over the years, BJÖRG has designed several of Oline's covers, posters and websites. BJÖRG has also made the Oline logo and graphic identity.
Client: Oline Production
Year: 2020
Category: Vinyl, Album, CD, Booklet, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photo

Photoshop, Photo retouch, Vinyl, Booklet, Cover, Music, LP, CD, Album, branding
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