BJÖRG has successfully completed the "Examen Philosoficum" course, demonstrating proficiency in philosophy, ethical theories, and the history of science.
Exphil 1 encompasses themes from the history of philosophy and the history of science to illuminate significant issues in the complex development of contemporary rational and scientific ideas. This part of the course introduces students to seminal thinkers from important epochs that have shaped modern Western civilization.
In Exphil II, BJÖRG received a systematic introduction to ethics, covering meta-ethics, ethical theories, and applied ethics in their contemporary forms. The curriculum in both parts is presented through a combination of original writings from philosophers and scientists, as well as commentaries.
Through this course, BJÖRG has acquired a deep understanding of philosophical concepts, ethical theories, and the historical development of scientific ideas, allowing her to engage with complex intellectual ideas and contribute to discussions on these subjects.
School: Oslo University, Brazil
Degree year: 2000-2001
Category: Philosophy, Ethics, Science, History
Oslo University

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