“This short tailored practical course provide knowledge on transforming enterprise objectives into a creative user experience”.
Björg acquired an advanced skill set in UX design through a comprehensive course, mastering topics such as advanced user research techniques, human-computer interaction principles, advanced prototyping tools, UX metrics and analysis, designing for accessibility, adapting UX across different contexts, incorporating Agile and Lean UX methodologies, advanced interaction design, international UX considerations, and strategies for career development within the UX field. This advanced UX design course provided her with the tools and insights to tackle complex design challenges and elevate user experiences to a sophisticated level.

Advanced UX and Digital Product design
“This short practical course provide knowledge on transforming enterprise objectives into a creative user experience”.
A customized expert level course Björg did through a company for those who already worked as UX designers. The course covers the vital essentials of UX design and also delves into areas traditionally overlooked by UX courses, such as research and lean product delivery, both increasingly in demand by employers today. 
School: Berghs School of Communication
Where: Sweden
Degree year: 2015
Category: UX design, research, ideation, prototyping, implementation, UX process, user-research, UX tools, UX methods, UX Strategy, Documentation, Lo-fi ideation, testing methods, Wireframes, prototypes

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