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Visual designer, BJÖRG Creative

Creativity knows no boundaries; it is the limitless realm where imagination takes flight

BJÖRG Creative's journey to establish its brand and visual identity was a quest to encapsulate the essence of creativity, diversity, and artistic passion. With a commitment to fostering innovation, the challenge lay in crafting a visual identity that would convey these principles while standing out in a crowded market.

Creating BJÖRG Creative's brand and visual identity posed the main challenge of crafting a distinctive and lively image that aligned with the fundamental values of creativity, inclusivity, and artistic exploration. Additionally, the design needed to be memorable and visually compelling, ensuring that the company stood out in the competitive landscape of the creative industry.

We conducted extensive research to understand the brand's identity and its target audience. The designer used a variety of colors and patterns to create a stylish and unified look. The idea was to turn the artistic process into a kind of visual story, where each part symbolized different ways of being creative.

BJÖRG Creative's dynamic visual identity is a striking burst of colors, showcasing the compelling effect of skillfully blending hues in an engaging and imaginative manner. The lively and cohesive color palette, along with abstract patterns and artistic elements, collaboratively shape an identity that encapsulates the essence of the company's mission.

Client: BJÖRG Creative
Title: Visual Designer
When: 2020
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Branding

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