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UX designer at SEB

SEB's Restructured Banking Procedures: Transforming Financial Services

Björg, a UX Designer at SEB, undertook the challenge of redesigning a critical banking process. In a project of high priority, Björg led a team of designers and stakeholders, incorporating user involvement through war rooms and design sprints. With team members traveling from multiple countries biweekly, the project demanded cohesive coordination and collaboration.

The project posed various challenges, including the overhaul of a pivotal process while ensuring alignment with user needs and organizational objectives. Björg's team grappled with integrating insights from diverse stakeholders and user groups. Additionally, they navigated the complexities of international collaboration and adhered to accessibility standards like WCAG.

Björg's responsibilities encompassed planning and executing workshops as the UX lead for the project, actively participating in the core team. Together, they conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current state and engaged in ideation to establish a shared vision. They employed diverse methodologies such as deep interviews, user testing, and persona development to iteratively progress towards their objectives. Björg fostered close collaboration within the team, ensuring cohesion and alignment throughout the process.

Through creative workshops, idea-generation sessions, and meticulous analysis, Björg's team achieved significant results. They developed a comprehensive foundation and concept for a modernized "banking" process. The project yielded an enhanced understanding of the refined process and its intricacies, laying the groundwork for future iterations and improvements. Björg's design leadership and collaborative approach were pivotal in driving the project's success, ultimately delivering tangible benefits for SEB and its stakeholders.

Client: SEB
Title: UX Design Lead
When: 2016
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Re-design of an important banking process

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