Visual Identity

Visual Designer, Tyresö Transport

Crafting a Sporty Visual Identity for Tyresö Transport

Björg undertook the challenge of developing a visual identity and a new logo for Tyresö Transport. The primary objectives were to infuse a sporty aesthetic and incorporate the colors red and yellow, symbolizing both the target audience and the transportation industry.

The challenge presented was a multifaceted one. It demanded the creation of a memorable logo that would not only be visually striking but would also forge a deep connection with the target audience. This encompassed individuals in the transportation sector and those intimately associated with Tyresö municipality.

Ingenious Fusion and Playful Patterns. Björg's approach showcased her ingenuity. She ingeniously merged the 'T' from Tyresö with the 'T' from Transport, forming a dynamic and harmonious emblem. To enhance the brand's appeal and introduce versatility, she added a playful pattern, ensuring adaptability for various applications, such as print materials.

A Dynamic Logo and Playful Branding. The results of Björg's efforts were a visually striking logo that met the sporty and vibrant criteria set by Tyresö Transport. The combination of the merged 'T' elements and the introduced pattern not only achieved the desired look but also provided flexibility for diverse branding opportunities, demonstrating the success of her approach.

Client: Tyresö Transport
Title: Visual Designer
When: 2021
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Branding

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