Inclusive Displays

UX designer, Naturhistoriska

Ensuring a good experience and accessibility for the visitors of the museum exhibition, Nature in Sweden

Björg worked as an accessibility expert and UX designer on a project involving the exhibition "Nature in Sweden" at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, a prestigious institution known for its extensive research in the biological and geological sciences. The primary objective was to ensure that the museum's exhibition was accessible to all visitors, regardless of age or disability.

The main challenge lay in creating interactive touch screen displays that could cater to a diverse audience, considering factors like age and disabilities. The goal was to make sure that all visitors could easily use these displays to access information and navigate through the exhibition, which demanded a high level of accessibility.

To address these challenges, Björg and the team implemented several solutions. They conducted user tests and comprehensive reviews to identify areas for improvement. Adjustments were made to the code, colors, backgrounds, and fonts to enhance the overall user experience. Key focus areas included contrasts, design, legibility, line spacing, clickable surfaces, and buttons. The team also worked to ensure compliance with the WCAG 2.1 AA web directive and incorporated these design adaptations while respecting the existing graphic profile. Throughout the project, Björg and the SiteVision team maintained close communication with the client and carried out quality assurance checks after implementing changes.

Through Björg's expertise and the team's efforts, the project resulted in a highly accessible and user-friendly exhibition for "Nature in Sweden" at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The adjustments and adaptations made based on user feedback and testing significantly improved the visitor experience. This project exemplified the successful application of accessibility and inclusive design principles, adhering to the WCAG standards, and ensuring that the museum exhibition was accessible to a broad range of visitors, in line with the institution's mission.

Client: The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Title: Accessibility Expert, UX Designer
When: 2019
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: Accessibility

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