Golf Card App

UX Designer, VIASAT

Golf App Innovation: Viasat Golf Card's Concept and New Features

BJÖRG's work as a designer revolved around enhancing the Viasat Golf Card app, which offers Viasat Golf subscribers discounts at 40 golf courses in Sweden. The app was already a valued resource among subscribers, contributing to sales and reducing customer churn. It was also highly popular among the partner golf courses, as it boosted player numbers.

The primary project objectives were to create additional value for users and golf courses, increase app usage, enhance security, and identify and resolve user frustrations efficiently. Björg took on the role of UX designer, responsible for developing the concept, generating creative ideas, and proposing new solutions for development. The design approach aimed to harmonize with the existing graphical profile while focusing on universal design and accessibility.

The design process drew inspiration from idea workshops, customer interviews, user feedback, surveys, and data analysis. Close collaboration with developers ensured a seamless transition from design to implementation. Additionally, Björg's role extended to management, troubleshooting, and addressing any bug-related issues.

The collaborative effort led to an improved and more user-friendly Viasat Golf Card app. Users experienced enhanced value and satisfaction, leading to increased app usage. Golf courses continued to benefit from a higher influx of players, cementing the app's position as a win-win for all stakeholders.
Concept and New Features: Björg's innovative input in the project introduced new features that streamlined the user experience and addressed key user frustrations. This not only improved the app's functionality but also enriched the user's interaction with it, ultimately making it more secure and accessible.

Client: Viasat
Title: UX Designer
When: 2018
Where: Stockholm, Sweden
What: App design

The solutions implemented to achieve these goals were rooted in an in-depth analysis of user feedback, customer input, and data-driven insights. Creative ideation workshops and close collaboration with the development team led to the creation of effective solutions. These solutions not only addressed user frustrations but also improved the overall user experience and security of the app.
Examples of Wireframes of new functions.

Booking function
Button on the front page for make booking of golf courses. Be able to save/remember password. Push notifications in phone about this new feature.
Weather forcast
Include area specific weather forecast from the source API integration.
Map and directions
Link to Google maps and road direction to the golf courses.

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