Concept and new features

Viasat Golf Card app gives Viasat Golf subscribers discount on 40 different courses in Sweden. Among Viasat Golf subscribers, the Viasat Golf Card is much appreciated, and the card is very useful for sales while having an anti-churn effect. At the participating golf courses, cooperation with Viasat is also very popular as Viasat Golf Card contributes to increased number of players on their courses.  The main goal of the project was to create added value for the user and the golf courses with simple means and increase the usage of the app. Also, to make the app more secure and find the users biggest frustrations and solve them with effective solutions. Bjorg was responsible for UX-design, developing the concept, come with creative ideas and new solutions for development. The design sketches were based on the existing graphical profile with focus on adjustments for universal design and accessibility. The solutions were based on an idea workshop, interviews with the customer, the users, surveys and analysis of existing data. Close collaboration with the developers.. The assignment also included support, management, troubleshooting and bug fixes of the app.  
Client: Viasat
Year: 2018
Category: App, Graphic design,  UX design, Concept

Tags: App, iOS, Android, Graphic, UX, Design, Art Direction, Research, Analysis Concept, Wireframes,  Prototyping, Testing, Redesign, Support Accessibility, Project management, User tests, Interviews, Survey, Interview, Observation
Booking function
Button on the front page for make booking of golf courses. Be able to save/remember password. Push notifications in phone about this new feature.

Weather forcast
Include area specific weather forecast from the source API integration.

Map and directions
Link to Google maps and road direction to the golf courses.
Final Design

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