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Community Manager & Founder, UX People

Exploring the past, present, and future of UX design.

Björg Helene Eggen initiated a transformative journey in 2017, co-founding UX People with Emelie Svartling Stjärnborg at a small café in Stockholm. Dedicated to fostering growth among designers globally, regardless of borders or company affiliations, UX People has flourished. With events spanning workshops to international conferences, featuring speakers from renowned companies, the network has expanded to Oslo and London in 2020. The success lies in a competition-free environment, where passionate designers engage in nerdy discussions, creating a joyful and familial atmosphere. Björg expresses gratitude for the support of her workplace and invites all design enthusiasts to join the vibrant UX People community in Stockholm, London, Oslo, through meetups, Slack channels, or the mentor program.
UX people have had inspiring speakers from Google, Tobii, IBM, Adobe XD, GitLab, Twitter, Sony Music Entertainment, Nintendo, LEGO, Sketch, Shopify, Three UK, JPMorgan Chase & Co., HP, TeamViewer, AstraZeneca and many more.

Title: Community Manager and Founder
When: 2017 - 2022
Where: Stockholm Sweden, Global
What: Event, Community, Meetup

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Visual Identity, BJÖRG Creative
Step into the world of BJÖRG Creative, where a vibrant and harmonious color palette defines a unique visual identity that inspires creativity and celebrates artistic expression.
BJÖRG Creative
Visual Designer & Founder
Design of an Complex Gaming Product at Betsson
With expertise in UX and visual design, Björg undertook the challenge of redesigning a complex gaming product at Betsson. Navigating through intricate features and understanding diverse player behaviors, Björg's approach was methodical and data-driven. The result was a redesign that prioritized functionality and aesthetics, delivering a seamless and visually appealing interface.
Betsson Group
UX Designer & Visual Designer
Visual Identity, Bjordalstunet
In collaboration with ancestral Norwegian family farm Bjordalstunet, Björg crafts a brand reflecting over 500 years of history, blending tourism, cultural experiences, and the essence of tradition with a deer farm and organically grown wheat at its core.
Visual Designer
Illustration Style N°01
This artsy and monochrome illustrations style is made with only one felt-tip pen.
Björg Helene Eggen
Creative Director & Design Manager at Bouvet
Build and expand the business area Customer Experience. Guide, inspire and lead the Creators to create meaningful customer experience, products and services.
Creative Director & Design Department Manager
Design Apprentice at MENO
Björg's journey from apprentice to professional exemplifies the transformative power of hands-on learning and mentorship. Grateful for the opportunities and training received, she now thrives in her career, driven by a passion for continuous growth.
MENO Total
Graphic Designer, Web designer
Illustration Style N°02
The Illustration style N° 02 has soft tones, input of comics and humor.
Björg Helene Eggen
Founder & Designer
A Journey of Design and Creativity "I'm Bjørg Helene Eggen. Also know as the designer. Born in the mountains of Norway. Raised by the vikings in Sweden. It was there in the north light I found my treasure, "The Dimond Pen". It gave me the skill to draw and design really cool and amazing stuff. Now I'm freelancing the world to share my talent."
Visual Designer & Founder
Illustrator Agent at Illozoo
As an agent at Illozoo, Björg played a pivotal role in representing and managing illustrators on a global scale, showcasing her prowess in client management and global client relations, leaving an indelible mark in the realm of illustration.
Illozoo the Illustration Agency
Viasat Golf Card App
As the app designer BJÖRG's focus was on enhancing the platform to provide increased value to users and golf courses. Her work led to a more secure, user-friendly, and universally accessible application, resulting in higher app usage and greater player engagement at partner golf courses.
UX Designer
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