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Creative Director & Design Department Manager at Bouvet

Leading and Inspiring Creators to Shape Meaningful Customer Experiences

Bouvet is a Scandinavian consult company that designs, develops, manages and provides advice on IT solutions and digital communications. Bouvet is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
Bouvet consists of 1,600 engineers, designers, copywriters, economists, political scientists, psychologists, educators, mathematicians and anthropologists who assist companies and social players in all industries.

Creative Design & Management
Björg, as the Creative Director and Design Department Manager at Bouvet Sweden, seized the opportunity to pioneer a truly innovative approach. She embraced and championed Bouvet's vision for creative excellence, effectively evangelizing it within the client base and the industry at large.
In her role, Björg played a pivotal part in growing Bouvet's new creative model's success in the market. She fostered a multi-talented, collaborative, and entrepreneurial creative team, consisting of 20 professionals, including UX designers, UI designers, Frontend experts, and Art Directors.
Björg's responsibilities extended beyond creative leadership. She took charge of recruiting, mentoring, managing, developing, and retaining a highly talented team, ensuring impactful contributions and fostering individual career growth. Her keen focus on customer relations, business development, and sales has been instrumental in building new networks and driving Bouvet's Design departments success.
Additionally, Björg was tasked with identifying key customer contacts, understanding organizational structures, and aligning strategies with customer capital plans. Her multifaceted role exemplifies her commitment to elevating both the creative output and the business impact of Bouvet Sweden.

Responsibility and focus areas
⫷ Skills development and education
⫷ Recruitment and growth
⫷ Sales, networking and partnerships
⫷ Financial responsibility, profitability 
⫷ Strategy and business development
⫷ Delivery and quality assurance
Employment: Bouvet
Title: Creative Director and Design Department Manager
When: 2015 - 2022
What:Scandinavian Consult Company

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