“Everyone should have the opportunity to a professionally responsive website”. 

LightWeb was a web agency and a publishing tool developed in Norway. We gave the clients the best of both function and design. A site that’s easy to maintain and unique in design. Everything was complete, ready to use. The client could focus on content, everything else we fixed, like design, customer experience, SEO, servers, e-commerce, support etc. We were early with responsive web sites and customer experience. Our focus was on the Norwegian market. Collaboration with HANEN a nationwide industry organization for businesses in tourism, farm food and inland fishing in Norway (similar to Visit Sweden).
Björg was responsible for lead the projects, educate the companies and deliver beautiful functional web design with focus on the customer experience.
Client: Small and medium-sized companies in Norway and Sweden.
Where: Scandinavia
Year: 2003-2011
Category: Branding, Logotype, Art Direction, Identity
Wayback Machine
Just for fun check out how the "new" LightWEB site looked like year 2009 with the internet archive, Wayback Machine. Some links, images, funktions etc. might not load or work. Nice time travel! Maybe you could find some of your old websites there as well.
Tags: Client Management, Delivery Management, Results Management, Sales management, Resources Management, Resource Owner, Partner Relations, Art Direction, Design and Team lead, Education, SEO, e-commerce, Responsive, Guidance, Project Leading, Quality Assurance, Service Design, Strategy, Support, GUI, Web design, Universal design, Customer Experience, Illustrations, Branding, UX design, research, ideation, prototyping, implementation, UX process, user-research, UX tools, UX methods, UX Strategy, Documentation, Lo-fi ideation, testing methods, Wireframes, prototypes

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