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“Everyone should have the opportunity to a professionally responsive website”.

At LightWeb, we didn't just create websites; we crafted digital experiences that seamlessly blended function and design. Our mission was simple: deliver websites that were not only visually stunning but also easy to maintain and uniquely tailored to each client's needs.

In our quest to redefine web design, we were early adopters of responsive design and pioneers in optimizing customer experiences. Our holistic approach encompassed everything from design and customer experience to SEO, servers, e-commerce, and ongoing support. By shouldering the technical burdens, we allowed our clients to focus solely on their content, confident that their online presence was in capable hands.
One of our significant collaborations was with HANEN, a nationwide industry organization promoting businesses in tourism, farm food, and inland fishing in Norway. This partnership allowed us to tailor our services specifically to the needs of Norwegian businesses, further enhancing our understanding of the local market dynamics.
At the helm of these projects was Björg, a seasoned leader with a passion for both visual design and user experience. As a lead designer, Björg spearheaded projects, guiding our team to deliver not just functional websites but beautiful, intuitive designs that prioritized user satisfaction. Moreover, Björg took on the role of educator, ensuring that the clients were equipped with the knowledge to leverage their digital presence effectively.
Björg's contributions to LightWeb were instrumental in solidifying its reputation as a go-to agency for businesses seeking cutting-edge web solutions in Norway. Through Björg's leadership, we didn't just create websites; we transformed digital landscapes, empowering businesses to thrive in the online realm.

Clients: Small and medium-sized companies in Norway and Sweden.
Title: Visual Designer, UX designer
When: 2003-2011
Where: Scandinavia
What: Web design, Graphic design

Wayback Machine
Just for fun check out how the "new" LightWEB site looked like year 2009 with the internet archive, Wayback Machine. Some links, images, funktions etc. might not load or work. Nice time travel! Maybe you could find some of your old websites there as well.

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Pattern & Textile Design
Björg has a playful and vibrant style with a modern Swedish vibe. She creates colorful, playful patterns, with inspiration from cultural traditions Delsbo, Sweden
Björg Helene Eggen
Pattern Designer
Visual Identity, BJÖRG Creative
Step into the world of BJÖRG Creative, where a vibrant and harmonious color palette defines a unique visual identity that inspires creativity and celebrates artistic expression.
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Visual Designer & Founder
Design of an Complex Gaming Product at Betsson
With expertise in UX and visual design, Björg undertook the challenge of redesigning a complex gaming product at Betsson. Navigating through intricate features and understanding diverse player behaviors, Björg's approach was methodical and data-driven. The result was a redesign that prioritized functionality and aesthetics, delivering a seamless and visually appealing interface.
Betsson Group
UX Designer & Visual Designer
Founder & Designer
A Journey of Design and Creativity "I'm Bjørg Helene Eggen. Also know as the designer. Born in the mountains of Norway. Raised by the vikings in Sweden. It was there in the north light I found my treasure, "The Dimond Pen". It gave me the skill to draw and design really cool and amazing stuff. Now I'm freelancing the world to share my talent."
Visual Designer & Founder
Inclusive Exhibition Displays, Naturhistoriska
BJÖRG transformed the Swedish Museum of Natural History's exhibition 'Nature in Sweden,' making it an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all visitors.
The Swedish Museum of Natural History
UX Designer
Visual Identity at Tyresö Transport
Revitalizing Tyresö Transport's brand identity. This case study highlights the creation of a dynamic logo that captured sporty elegance while staying playful and appealing to their target audience.
Tyresö Transport
Visual Designer
Design Apprentice at MENO
Björg's journey from apprentice to professional exemplifies the transformative power of hands-on learning and mentorship. Grateful for the opportunities and training received, she now thrives in her career, driven by a passion for continuous growth.
MENO Total
Graphic Designer, Web designer
Visual Identity, UX People
UX People, a vibrant brand and visual identity, fostering laughter, camaraderie, and a shared passion for UX within the design community.
UX People
Visual Designer & Founder
Creative Director & Design Manager at Bouvet
Build and expand the business area Customer Experience. Guide, inspire and lead the Creators to create meaningful customer experience, products and services.
Creative Director & Design Department Manager
Illustration Style N°02
The Illustration style N° 02 has soft tones, input of comics and humor.
Björg Helene Eggen
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