Visual Identity

Visual Designer, Bjordalstunet

Harvesting Heritage: Bjordalstunet's Journey to a Distinctive Brand

Bjordalstunet sought a brand that would authentically capture their diverse range of services and rich cultural heritage. Björg's collaboration with Bjordalstunet, an ancestral Norwegian family farm boasting a history of over 500 years, covered a broad spectrum of offerings—from tourism to corporate services. This encompassed cultural experiences, holidays, hunting, fishing, wedding accommodations, courses, and conferences. Deeply entrenched in tradition, the farm boasts a deer farm and engages in wheat cultivation. Notably, the farm bakery employs their organically grown wheat as a fundamental ingredient, adding a touch of authenticity to their offerings.

The objective of Björg's work with Bjordalstunet was to boost their visibility and engagement in the digital realm, emphasizing the need for continuous marketing campaigns. Another challenge was to provide a modern and inviting yet personal image, extending to every aspect, from restaurant menus to brochures, digital advertising, and staff attire.

Björg's approach encompassed a holistic marketing strategy that included web design, campaign development, and the creation of a distinctive graphic profile and logo. By integrating modern digital presence with the farm's deep historical roots, Björg aimed to captivate the target audience and provide a seamless and engaging experience.

The collaborative efforts between Björg and Bjordalstunet yielded enhanced brand recognition, a significant digital footprint, and a modern, personalized image across all facets of their services. Björg's contributions have made a substantial impact on the farm's marketing, driving engagement and strengthening their identity.

Client: Bjordalstunet
Title: Visual Designer
When: 2013
Where: Norway
What: Branding

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