“Playful and vibrant style with a modern Swedish vibe”

Delsbo pattern collection consists of about 20 patterns designed by Björg Helene Eggen. Björg is a Swedish / Norwegian artist and designer. The patterns are inspired by Swedish culture and traditions from Delsbo in Hälsingland Sweden. The traditional patterns have been redone and given a colorful and modern touch. All patterns are designed with matching color scales so that they can be easily combined and create colorful creations and exciting encounters.

"It's fun to carry on the traditions in a playful way that also appeals to the younger generation."
The fabrics are available in, among other things, silk and linen. Linen flowers are Hälsingland's landscape flowers. You can find her designs on all sorts of products including fabric, clothes, wall art, and stationery. The fabrics have also been exhibited for sale in stores at Hälsingland Museum and Delsbo Museum. Björg also has a previous design collaboration with Sweden's oldest folklore festival, where the patterns took a large place in marketing and everything from festival bands, and tickets to clothes and brochures. Björg is up to date with a new clothing collection that will arrive in the summer of 2022, with the Delsbo pattern collection.
What: Graphic pattern design
Designer & Artist: Björg Helene Eggen
Where: Delsbo, Sweden
Year: 2011
Category: Art, Pattern design, Textil design
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The fabrics, patterns, and swatches. ⇩

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