“Art speaks where words are unable to explain”

Meet Björg Helene Eggen: A Visionary Artist Embracing Imperfection
Björg Helene Eggen is a visionary artist hailing from the vibrant creative landscape of Sweden and Norway, and she has made her artistic haven in the heart of Stockholm. What sets Björg apart from the conventional artist is her passionate disinterest in the pursuit of perfection. Instead, she finds inspiration in the unrefined, the untamed, and the unapologetically raw.
For Björg, the canvas is a playground for experimentation. Her artistic journey is one of relentless exploration, where she dares to challenge herself with a self-imposed constraint: to create compelling illustrations using only an inkpen and color. This limitation serves as the driving force behind her latest collection, a captivating series known as "Existence."
Unlike her earlier works, which were awash with a vibrant spectrum of colors, "Existence" presents a captivating departure. In this collection, Björg has predominantly embraced the subtlety of monochrome. The absence of a wide palette allows her to delve deeper into the emotional core of her art, crafting pieces that resonate with raw, unfiltered feelings.
The heart of "Existence" lies in the pages of the artist's personal diary. Each artwork serves as a symbol, a snapshot of emotions and events that have woven the tapestry of her life. These illustrations are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are profound reflections of the human experience. In "Existence," Björg's art becomes a mirror, inviting viewers to explore their own emotions, their own stories, and the intricate nuances that define their existence.
Björg Helene Eggen's art is an ode to the imperfect and the extraordinary within the ordinary. Through her collection, she encourages us to find beauty in life's unscripted moments, to embrace the inherent imperfections that make us human, and to revel in the authenticity of raw emotions. In a world that often values perfection, Björg reminds us that there is immense beauty in the raw, the unrefined, and the beautifully imperfect aspects of existence.

The art print collection Existence was launched in august 2021. 
Björg Helene Eggen is a Swedish / Norwegian designer and artist based in Stockholm. Björg is not interested in the perfect. She is interested in experimenting and creating illustrations with a raw feeling. The challenge of creating works with only a pencil and color has been the inspiration for this collection. Unlike her earlier colorful artwork, these are mostly monochrome illustrations. The works of art are pages with illustrations from the artist's diary that symbolize emotions and happenings during life. The exhibition consists of 30 works created by the artist over the past 5 years, some are new creations of her previous works of art.​​​​​​​   
What: Art & Webshop Lookbook
Designer & Artist: Björg Helene Eggen
Where: Stockholm Sweden
Year: 2021
Category: Art, Interior, Shop, Print
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