“Founder of a design studio specialized on art, web design, brand building & creative design and illustrations”

Designadet had many faces during the year´s. Mostly Björg helped companies with strategic thinking, digital- and web design, brand building, advertising, creative design and marketing communications. In collaboration with LightWeb (a publishing tool similar to WordPress) BJÖRG made Web design and helped with content, universal design, UX design, Art Direction, SEO etc. The basic idea was to give companies of all sizes the opportunity to have a website with both functions, usability design and esthetics. Designadet were also an art & design studio. Specialized on art, web, print, creative design and illustrations.
Responsibility: I did it all!  
Client: Small and medium-sized enterprises and authorities
Where: Scandinavia, Global
Year: 2009 -2016
Category: Branding, Art Direction, Identity, UX design, Web design, Print, Marketing, Communication, Illustration
Brands: Hudiksvall municipality, Sweden Film Commission, IlloZoo the Illustration Agency, SMOT, Edway Training, Vinguiden, Bed & Box, Smålandsleden etc.

Client Management, Delivery Management, Financial Management, Results Management, Sales management, Resources Management, Resource Owner, Partner Relations, Mentorship, Art Direction, Customer Experience, Delivery, Design Direction, Design Lead, Design Team, Education, Guidance, Project Leading, Quality Assurance, Service Design, Strategy, GUI, DesignThinking, Support, Team Lead, UI design lead, UX design leads, Web design, App, Universal design, Illustrations, Art, Print, Illustration, UX design, research, ideation, prototyping, implementation, UX process, user-research, UX tools, UX methods, UX Strategy, Documentation, Lo-fi ideation, testing methods, Wireframes, prototypes

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