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Founder & Designer, DesignaDet

Founder of a design studio specialized on art, web design, brand building & creative design and illustrations

Björg contributed her expertise as a freelance professional during a significant period. As a freelancer, she operated as a Founder & Visual Designer, specializing in art, web design, brand building, creative design, and illustrations. Her freelancing endeavors spanned from 2009 to 2016, during which she served a clientele consisting of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as authorities.
Working both in Scandinavia and on a global scale, Björg provided a range of services, including branding, art direction, identity development, UX design, web design, print, marketing, communication, and illustration. Notably, her freelancing journey showcased her commitment to delivering comprehensive design solutions that met the diverse needs of her clients.
Björg's freelancing efforts were marked by collaboration with various entities, and she utilized tools like LightWeb, similar to WordPress, to execute web design projects. This involvement extended to contributing to content creation, universal design, UX design, art direction, and more. Overall, her freelance work demonstrated a dedication to creating visually appealing and functional designs across different mediums and platforms.

Clients: Small and medium-sized enterprises and authorities
Title: Founder & Visual Designer
When: 2009 - 2016
Where: Scandinavia, Global

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Inclusive Exhibition Displays, Naturhistoriska
BJÖRG transformed the Swedish Museum of Natural History's exhibition 'Nature in Sweden,' making it an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all visitors.
The Swedish Museum of Natural History
UX Designer
Visual Identity at Tyresö Transport
Revitalizing Tyresö Transport's brand identity. This case study highlights the creation of a dynamic logo that captured sporty elegance while staying playful and appealing to their target audience.
Tyresö Transport
Visual Designer
Creative Director & Design Manager at Bouvet
Build and expand the business area Customer Experience. Guide, inspire and lead the Creators to create meaningful customer experience, products and services.
Creative Director & Design Department Manager
Elevating Design Culture: The UX People Experience
UX People redefines collaboration by offering a vibrant community, enriching events, and a platform for competence sharing, workshops, courses, mentorship, and inspiration—all seasoned with free-flowing beer, food, and lively mingling.
UX people
Community Manager & Founder
Viasat Golf Card App
As the app designer BJÖRG's focus was on enhancing the platform to provide increased value to users and golf courses. Her work led to a more secure, user-friendly, and universally accessible application, resulting in higher app usage and greater player engagement at partner golf courses.
UX Designer
Album Cover, Oline
In a symphony of creativity, BJÖRG´s design for the Norwegian folk musician Oline's "Sjel" album harmoniously translates the soulful music's essence into a captivating visual experience, where colors become emotions and a painted portrait becomes the window to the artist's heart.
Oline Production
Visual Designer
Illustration Style N°02
The Illustration style N° 02 has soft tones, input of comics and humor.
Björg Helene Eggen
Pattern & Textile Design
Björg has a playful and vibrant style with a modern Swedish vibe. She creates colorful, playful patterns, with inspiration from cultural traditions Delsbo, Sweden
Björg Helene Eggen
Pattern Designer
Illustrated Adventures in the World of Wine
Step into the world of wine through BJÖRG´s illustrative portfolio, where each stroke of the pen weaves whimsical tales of vineyard aphids, lunar wine, and the most valuable nose, offering a blend of humor and poignant storytelling.
Design Apprentice at MENO
Björg's journey from apprentice to professional exemplifies the transformative power of hands-on learning and mentorship. Grateful for the opportunities and training received, she now thrives in her career, driven by a passion for continuous growth.
MENO Total
Graphic Designer, Web designer
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